Telepathy is a User Experience Agency located in downtown San Diego. Housed in over 8000 square feet of industrial loft space we were tasked with creating a flexible living space that could be rearranged for multiple purposes and meetings of any size and would also doubles as a lounge area.

A quote from our Client perfectly sums up the experience we were looking to create for these working creatives,  " We approach our working space as we approach our work and daily life—to elevate life’s experiences—whether that be through expertly placed couches offering desk-avoidant refuge or constant coffee options from our full kitchen. The opportunities for blending work and creature comforts is endless."


We designed each area to feature a multi functioning design element.  A custom reclaimed wood paneled wall created to provide much needed privacy between the Reception area and new lounge also doubles as a bike and skateboard rack.  Other specialty design elements include a custom steel and wood Reception desk, and ceiling hung marquee lighting spelling out "ELEVATE" which is our Clients mission statement.